lauantaina, helmikuuta 25, 2012

Lovely Gray



HANDWRITTEN   Week 9 - winter holiday



6 kommenttia:

Tina´s PicStory kirjoitti...

i love the second one :) have a great day!

a shutter bug kirjoitti...

I always love your compositons ! wonderful as always. I really love your Bliss photo. I call my baby 'Baby Bliss'. The scans look so wonderful in frames. I also really like your glimpse shot. Thankyou

Serline kirjoitti...

LOve your Glimpse, simple and magical.

Tamar SB kirjoitti...

Love your crossed and the bliss - what a great framed display!

Ashley Sisk kirjoitti...

Love a glimpse - gorgeous.

Michelle kirjoitti...

As always your set of shots are gorgeous. Bliss is my favorite and belongs in a frame.