torstaina, kesäkuuta 27, 2013

Bleeding heart

Naapuruston kukkia taas käyty kuvaamassa. Suloisia vaaleanpunaisia!
No nämä törrötti kyllä aidan välistä kadun puolelle.

Once again..I've been stalking neighbors' flowers!
Pretty pink flowers were growing through the fence.

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  1. No comments yet???

    Come on, ladies around the world, don't let just one German guy pass all the compliments to our friend Pieni!!!


    Great job, camera stalker!



    1. Thanks Uwe. :-)

      We were just out of electricity for 5 hours. It's been several thunder storms here today.

  2. The top two photos are called bleeding hearts here in the States. I always think they are so pretty, but I don't see them much where I am now-too hot for them probably. I like the last flower too -such a neat blend between purple and pink.

  3. Iki-ihania särkyneitä sydämiä! Mukavaa viikonloppua!

  4. I love bleeding hearts. Mine has long since bloomed for the year so it was refreshing to see your beautiful blooms.

  5. Wonderful "through the fence" shots! Love those bleeding hearts!

  6. hübsch..... ich mag die tränenden Herzen sehr

    lg gabi

  7. Cute flowers. Hope you'd find time to visit my Pink Gumamela.