torstaina, marraskuuta 17, 2011

This or That

♥ ♥ ♥
Mukavaa torstaita!!
Me suuntaamme ulkoilemaan metsään
- hyvää liikuntaa ja rentouttavaa

Have a lovely thursday!
We will head to the forest
- good exercise and so relaxing

11 kommenttia:

  1. I love your coffee and tea canisters. I have been looking for the right set for me for years, but can't seem to find them. Your photos are lovely! Hope you have a wonderful visit to the forest.

  2. very pretty... i wish i was that creative =)

  3. I love all the white. I'm afraid I'm too messy for such a beautiful kitchen! =>

  4. White on white is always SO attractive!
    Great final close-up.

  5. Niin on taas kauniita kuvia, voi huokaus :)

  6. Thank you all so much!

    Kiitos paljon kaikille!