torstaina, elokuuta 28, 2014



Olethan jo huomannut osallistua arvontaan TÄÄLLÄ

Have you noticed my giveaway HERE

// collage by ANNA-MARI WEST

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you-wee because kirjoitti...

Yes, I have, I'm still waiting for my postcard... ;-)
By the way: do you want to raffle one of my postcards sets as well one day? Perhaps in springtime next year for example? I can offer (for free) several sets of postcards from my "paradies bird" series I made last year...'s the link to the post. I made a set of eight diffentent 'paradiese birds'. Just think about it, little bird / Pieni lintu... ;-)

Pieni Lintu kirjoitti...

We'll have to think about it. :)