torstaina, kesäkuuta 05, 2014

Blooming appletrees

Kukkivat omenapuut

Tämä aika vuodesta on niin kaunista! Harmi kun suurin osa kukista on jo tippunut alas.

This time of year is so beautiful! Sad that most of these are already gone.

Aurinkoista torstaita sinulle!

Sunny Thursday!!

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  1. They (the apple blossoms) are not gone - they will be 'transformed' into apples!
    At the very least this is the way the apple blossoms take in Germany... ;-)

    Maybe there's another Finnish solution for them and that might be the reason you are so sad???

    But I assume you worry about the continuous loss of all these beautiful spring blossoms in generally. Yes, yes, for photographers like us this is one of the most beautiful times of the year. But having the "ocean of bloosoms" all year long nobody would esteem them anymore. Right!?

    By the way: kind regards from your fellow countrymen Timo and Martti - I met them (and many, many other colleagues from all over the world) at the AUTOMATICA fair in Munich.

    All the best from planet Earth,


  2. I wish the blooms lasted longer too! So pretty!

  3. Heisann!

    After blooming, with a little patience, we will have sweet apples in buckets and pails!

  4. Fantastik to look at "flowers snow" alike apple expression!! Lovely pictures to portray Springtime!! Toate cele bune! All the best!

  5. These are beautiful! Love the crisp white blooms that promise to be juicy apples this fall!

  6. Beautiful.... love the white against the pale blue sky


  7. That's what I love about photography; you have frozen them to look at through your pictures so even if they're gone, you still have them to share with us. They are lovely. I use to have a fruit tree that had wonderful blooms before the fruit, but one year the wind took it down.

    Peabea, visiting from Floral Love

  8. So many of our blossoms came and went so quickly this year - or maybe I was just too busy to take the time and photograph them. These are beautiful.

  9. Kukat kestävät niin lyhyen ajan, mutta toivottavasti tulee paljon omppuja.

    1. Se on kyllä totta - meillä lapset ainakin rakastavat syödä omppuja suoraan mummolan omppupuista. :)