tiistaina, heinäkuuta 02, 2013

Tuesday around the World - {Violets}

Kesäkukat alkavat vetelemään viimeisiään. Leikkelin orvokit alas ja pelastin sisälle osan kukista. Nyt pitäisi keksiä jotain uusia kesäkukkia ruukkuihin. Näyttää niin rumilta nuo lyhyiksi leikatut orvokit.

After a long weekend away from home I had to cut down my poor violets. Now I should buy some new summer flowers.


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18 kommenttia:

  1. So delicate and beautiful. Have a beautiful week.
    Visiting from P52.

  2. I love that you used the measuring cups to hod the flowers. :)

  3. Hi, Pieni!
    Over the weekend I was amidst a "Sea of Green" - hiking in the Fichtelgebirge (Fichtel Mountains), a small horse-shoe shaped mountain range in northeastern Bavaria, Germany. The main colours were green, green and green, interrupted by some colourful spots. Among these spots there were some violets, too. More or less they flourish all year round. Did you ever use your violets to decorate your salads or any other dishes? You should only take newly opened violet blossoms or leaves for eating.
    Even candied violets are very delicious as a sweet!

  4. So pretty! I am sorry you had to cut them down!

    1. Thanks Tamar! Well now I have good reason to buy new ones.. ;)

  5. they looks so lovely in the cup :) xo tina

  6. This is so beautiful... I love the colours


  7. So pretty, and would make a lovely print!

  8. So lovely! These are "happy" flowers!