tiistaina, heinäkuuta 03, 2012

The most boring 95km in the World

If you get bored in the car why not shooting raindrops and fields while someone else is driving

Tylsääkin tylsempi 8-tie, mutta ainahan voi ottaa valokuvia kun joku toinen ajaa. Kuvata vaikka sadepisaroita tuulilasissa tai Pohjanmaan peltoja.

Finally there - Viimein perillä

10 kommenttia:

  1. I really like the wiper blade image... has a lovely light and contrast to it giving it an abstract art feel.


  2. Love the second picture with the wiper clearing the rain!

  3. Love the rain photos....all are beautiful!

  4. I feel that same way when driving in Iowa...great rain drops photos!

  5. What a pleasant summer weather you had at Finland this weekend...
    ...found your junction and the sign to Övermark on Google Earth...;-)

    Nice country (when the sun is shining)... ;-))

    The sun shines now again at our region after a lot of clouds and rain as well during the whole Sunday.

    Have a great and dry week!

    Regards from Germany,

  6. Tutulta näyttää maisemat ja 8-tie on todellakin tylsä, varsinkin yksin ajella :)

  7. What a lovely drive! That bright green landscape is the happy result of all the rain you get! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your drive with us!

  8. How beautiful!!! Love the rainy windshield shots!!

  9. awesome shots, I'm so impressed you got all those from sitting in the car!