maanantaina, maaliskuuta 26, 2012

Kvaak Kvaak

Aikamoinen väriloisto poikasorsalla!

Värikästä uutta viikkoa kaikille!

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  1. I commenting in English, so the other Photo feedback participants can follow along...

    Lovely duck :-) You captured well all his colors, even the orange feet are visible. I also like a lot the pattern on the water, the little tiny waves the wind is creating. Composition is also just perfect (the object not placed right in the center).

    What I could suggest as improvement - it would be nice if the eye would stand out a bit more, now it's so dark that you cannot really see it. This could be fixed in editing, just lighting that area only a bit?

    Nice to have you join the Photo Feedback! Now all of you Pieni Lintu's photographing followers - you're welcome as well :-)

  2. Beautiful duck, love the colours in the palette.

  3. I think this shot is great. I love the added color blocks, too.
    The color is fantastic and the clarity is great. My only suggestion would be to maybe do a little exposure adjustment to make the duck a little lighter. He is a tad dark, and since he is the focal point of the photo, I would like to see him a little better.
    The composition is so lovely.

  4. What a gorgeous duck- such great colors to pull!

  5. Ahhh what a cute little duck with all those lovely colours you've extracted from the photo.

  6. Lovely Duck! Nicely sharp. The eye is a bit to shaded, and there is maybe a bit of overblown highlighting on its back. Love that you got its feet, :)

  7. Thanks for joining photo feedback! You have a lovely duck. :) The waves on the water add to your composition. As noted, the face of the duck is a bit dark. I might recrop to get the face a little higher - right now, it is right in the center. Love that light on his back.