keskiviikkona, helmikuuta 01, 2012


-20c outside, kids have a terrible flu with high fever - it's been so boring week. But I'm happy that I've had time for taking silly pictures while boys are watching TV or playing something.

Ulkona paukkuu -20 asteen pakkaset ja molemmat pojat järkyssä flunssassa - on ollut aika tylsää viime päivinä. Mutta onpahan ollut aikaa leikkiä kameran kanssa ja kuvata kaikkea mitä mieleen juolahtaa - vaikka mustia kenkiä, sillä aikaa kun pojat katsovat TV:tä tai pelaavat.

11 kommenttia:

  1. love that you were happy taking these!! they are very cool & I love the hearts :)

  2. Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog the other day.It's so nice to have new visitors popping in. Not sure whether to write in Swedish or English?? Saw you used English here so.
    Love your photos, especially the snow ones.
    Take care.
    //Anette :-)

  3. Sarah: Thank you :)

    Anette: Thank you for your comment! You can write in Swedish too if you want to. I'm Finnish but people speak Swedish here were I live - well not all.. ;)

  4. Hej igen! Vad bra då vet jag. Tänkte att det nog kunde vara så. Känner många bloggare i Finland som pratar och skriver på svenska. Som du säkert vet är vi svenskar inte lika bra på finska ;)
    Vi ses igen!
    Anette :-)

  5. what program do you use to insert the hearts into your pictures? I'm looking for something that will take the place of Picnik & is Mac compatible.
    Love, love, love this collage.

  6. Christine: I use Photoscape, I'm not sure if it works with Mac. I tried to use it with Linux but it does't work so I have to edit my picuters in Windows and I'm not a huge fan of Windows. :/ Photoscape is so simple and it has cool objects and other things. I have Gimp too but it's so difficult to use.

  7. Love how taking photos makes you happy. Me too :)
    And visiting here looking at them makes me happy.
    Hope boys are all better...

  8. So sorry about your sick boys! No fun. Been sick over here, too. :(

    These are great, and I especially like the last one! Also, thank you for telling me about the commenting thing, I switched it back to pop-up window.

  9. Stasha: Thank you :)

    Heidi: Thanks :)