sunnuntaina, tammikuuta 08, 2012

Light and Lovely

Cute footprints in the snow

 "Tvätt" is Swedish and it means "laundry"
Did you know that Finland is a bilingual country?

And can someone please please fold these for me, thanks!

 I thought that this bird nest was empty
but I found out that there were two
Lego bricks in it. Yes, they are still there!

Twelve - Or did I count them right!?

 I just love pillows - round, soft, small, big, dots and girly

19 kommenttia:

  1. Interesting to do them all in white!
    Mississippi, USA

  2. Gorgeous Laundry best!

  3. Those pillows look so soft and comfy!

  4. All your photos are beautiful !!! Och tvätt är så hemtrevlig ! Tyhjä on kuin lupaus keväästä ja tyynyt ah ihania !!!!

    Have a nice week !!!!

  5. Vilken snygg tvättkorg! Underbara bilder, som vanligt.

    Gott nytt år på dig!!!

  6. Hienoja kuvia! Tosin tuo pyykkipino näytti aika vaatimattomalta, no lavastuksen tähden suotakoon ;D

  7. All perfect interpretations of the prompts- beautifully done!

  8. Thank you all!!! <3

    Olivieno: Ei oo lavastettu! ;) Tohon soikkoon mä aina kippaan narulta puhtaat kuivat pyykit ja siinä ne oli valmiina ja nappasin kuvan. :) Onhan toi aika iso ja syvä ja pohjiaan myöden täynnä. ;)

  9. Such a beautiful job with this set - love your consistent processing.

  10. What a beautiful set! So consistent in style and colors--gorgeous! I love the presentation, too!

  11. Wonderful set! Love the hint of blue in the laundry basket. And those sweet foot prints in the snow.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment!

  12. Well done! My favorite would be the One Dozen and Empty photos.

  13. Each week I look forward to seeing your post for SHS... you never fail to include something that catches my eye! the bird prints for ONE COLOR is stunning. I like that you have taken the picture so the tracks appear in motion.
    I know this is a silly question... but what program do you use to add the tape to your pictures? is it layered with words on top? I'm always looking for new ways to increase my posting skills.

  14. Thank you so much!!!! ♥

    Christine E-E: I use Photoscape - it's simple and it's free.. ;)

    There are "objects" then "picture" and there are many categories, tapes are from "office". You can make tapes smaller or bigger and decide how transparent tapes are.

    I've added words separately. I hope this helps you! :)

  15. Love your set, and love that they are all monotone! I think empty is my favorite since I love birds!

  16. Mielenkiintoisia kuvia, tyynyt ja peitteet ovat perin juurin kutsuvia pehmeydessään.