tiistaina, joulukuuta 27, 2011

Thief at the birdfeeder

 Hey! What are you staring at?
Yes you, girl with a camera.

Are you looking at my hands?

But I'm a cute and innocent little squirrel.
I'm not alike those monsters in movie Village.

 Leave me alone or else...

Did you see that jump!

 Haha! I'll eat all the bird seeds.



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6 kommenttia:

4 Lettre Words kirjoitti...

Crafty little fellow! His fuzzy ears are so cool.

Jessica kirjoitti...

OMG!!!! What cute photos! Love his ears!

Secret Mom Thoughts kirjoitti...

He is a cutie! Great photos.

Gina Kleinworth kirjoitti...

Oh my goodness- what great captures. I never have my camera ready when I see things like this. Nice work!

Pieni Lintu kirjoitti...

Thank you all ♥

Tina´s PicStory kirjoitti...

so cute! how relaxed it is :)