sunnuntaina, syyskuuta 25, 2011


:: LOW KEY ::

Boisterous Lego dude

:: THE COLOR WHEELAnalogous Color ::

 :: CIRCLE ::

 Pink and plastic Ikea mug

:: SCARF ::

:: PHONE ::
Yes, I still have this old-fashioned Nokia

Happy Sunday everyone!
And thank you Katja for this award!!!

Kiitos Katjalle tästä tunnustuksesta!

13 kommenttia:

  1. I love how you colour co-ordinated all your photos. There's also curves and roundness in each one. You are so clever.

  2. Love your color wheel and circle shot! Your scarf looks warm and cozy too!

  3. I love how your collections always fit so well together - love your low key shot.

  4. Oh wow! These are all great. I think my favorites are the first two. Awesome job.

  5. Excellent work! All your photos are exactly right for each prompt...and I, too, love the fact that you created them with the same shade of pink and subtle round shape in each of them. Underbart genomtänkt och vackert <3

    (btw...those Ikea cups are faves at our house, too...and I'm so glad that I'm not the only person left in Finland with a Nokia 'dinosaur' ;D)

  6. Thank you all so much!!! ♥

    Tezzie: I've had that Nokia Classic 6500 'bout 4 years now and it still works perfectly and I love it. It's so tiny and simple to use.

  7. Great great work. I love low key and the perspective on color wheel and circle. Beautiful photos

  8. Your color wheel is PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. You are SO creative. I absolutely completely LOVE your color wheel. I want to do that ASAP! Thanks for inspiring me.

  10. Great Pictures, my favorite is your low key shot. Love the lego guy!

  11. Beautiful colors !!! !. one is so cool too !