sunnuntaina, toukokuuta 08, 2011

Akta lekande barn


I just resized the pixels for internet use and added my name.
No photoshop in this shot - Straight Out of Camera.

I love this newest seasonal Moomin mug with Little My!



"Watch out for playing kids" can be very scary!!

 4. LAZY


10 kommenttia:

Buckeroomama kirjoitti...

The colors in the Moomin mug are so pretty... and I really love the orange shot!

Melissa kirjoitti...

I just love your ironic shot! I've never seen a sign like that in the US but the kids standing next to it was great to see.

One Photo kirjoitti...

Beautiful photos - I love the ironic one, just seeing the children standing next to it in their winter gear, I imagine it is still very cold in Finland.

Ashley Sisk kirjoitti...

Nicely done - I like your creative interpretation for smells like spring!

Nukke kirjoitti...

Sprouting, lazy, ja smells like spring on mun suosikkeja !!!
Hyviä kuvia kaikki !

Pieni Lintu kirjoitti...

Thank you all! :)

Jane, it's a nice and warm day today - 'bout +15celsius. But last monday it was very cold day and cold vind, just few +celsius when I took that photo. :)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Great photos. Love the last two.

4 Lettre Words kirjoitti...

Love that "ironic" shot!

Anne U @ hot coffee mama kirjoitti...

That ironic shot is really great.

Serline kirjoitti...

Love the Ironic photo, what a busy sign!